Friday, July 11, 2003

Sudden activity

So, last time I talked to my lawyer about The Saga of My Leg (and if you don't know SoMY, I cannot be bothered to go into it right now), he was talking about the trial being moved back to fall. I figured this meant he'd call me sometime soon and tell me it was in August or September.

So imagine my surprise when Jackie, Lawyer Paul's paralegal, called me up today and said "You do realize your trial starts on Monday, right?"

I did not, in fact, realize anything of the sort.

She then said "Do you have a copy of your deposition from 2001? You really need to know everything about that, they're gonna try to mess you up on the stand."

I do not, in fact, have a copy of that deposition.

So anyhow, I'm leaving on Monday evening (Monday is for motions, which means I don't have to be there), and will return... later in the week, I guess. I'm running around trying to find a place to stay. Well, places, actually, as four solid days of me, me, me might drive Altman a little crazy. Diversification is a good thing.

I will be getting a copy of my deposition in the mail tomorrow, and I'm gonna read it several times. I don't remember what I said in it, but I figure that it won't be too difficult to absorb, as 1. I was the one talking, and 2. I told the truth, so I just have to remember it. Still, four years since The Saga began, and I have to remember the tiniest details. Eeep.

I also hate my ISP; my net connection has been down for a week. Thank god I have lenient bosses who are never here; they're okay with my sudden week-long vacation, and they aren't terribly aware of my activities throughout the day.

Prolix, prolix, nothing a pair of scissors won't fix...