Friday, May 30, 2003

wigs 'n' things

So, through the fabulous program at work where I can write up something as an employee billing and not have to worry about paying for it , I "bought" myself a pink chin-length wig with blonde streaks through it.

I suppose this purchase makes more sense if you know that I went to a show put on by an Osaka-based girl punk band called Mummy the Peepshow. I had a pretty good time, although the venue was WAY, WAY, WAY too small, and seriously drunk people (such as "Dimestore Julian Casablancas wannabe motherfucker dipshit," who almost knocked over my friend) were annoying, and I got to see the heads of the band and was luckier than most. Note to my fellow music-goers: "We want to go up front! They're cute and foreign!" is not an excuse to shove ahead of me with your overly full beers.

But I had fun and got lots of attention between the wig and the sequined tube top. It looks like I might get an internship at a local record label; everybody should cross their fingers for me next week, and send me all the knowledge they have about the Champaign rock scene.