Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More for my reference than anyone else's...

Here's the list of sweaters I would like to make for the Sweater-a-Month KAL. I am, of course, already behind schedule.

Jan: Hourglass (done)
Feb: Men’s Raglan (nearly done)
Mar: Tiffany Angora (partway done)
Apr: Glade (yarn on the way)
May: Serrano (yarn in stash)
June: Bamboo project (yarn here)
July: Basalt (1/7th done)
Aug: TBD (Picovoli? If so, have yarn)
Sept: Lichen (yarn here)
Oct: Sorrel (yarn here)
Nov: Cabled pullover for Stepmom (have the yarn)
Dec: TBD (but if I make it out of Black Andean silk or Silk Garden, I have the yarn already, sigh)

So yeah... I have a lot of yarn. This doesn't count any yarn not currently allotted to a project or yarn in quantities smaller than sweater-level. Therefore, I am going to make the following non-binding stash-controlling vow: I shall not buy more yarn until the Knitting Workshop summer sale.

Unless it's a really good deal.

Or I really want it.

Bold, I know. But I will try. Unless Loopy gets that sock knitting circle going. And... umm... roving's not yarn. Yeah.