Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another FO and some owls.

One more thing finished!
Campfire Socks top viewCampfire Socks side view

Campfire Socks. Got the yarn in an exchange from Kelly Girls. Thanks, Jodi!

In other news, I love owls. Let's consult Etsy on this, okay?

That which I already own:

Owl spiral journal from Seamripper. I actually bought this at the new Renegade Handmade shop, which you should go to, if you live near Chicago. They like owls possibly more than I do.

That which I will have purchased by the time you read this:

Two varieties of owl greeting cards from Blackbird Letterpress. I adore a lot of this store's stuff; I'll certainly be getting some personalized pink and brown cards, and I'm giving a gift of thank you cards to a friend. (Does this mean she'll have to send me one of the thank you cards?)

That which I will buy at some point, once I figure out my apartment decorations:

Owl wall decal by Holly. I may actually get this in the faux wood finish. I will also probably be getting the "Knitting Geek" decal, too.