Thursday, April 09, 2009

Odds and ends and Customer Service Raves

I have finished knitting something, but it's a gift, so no pictures yet. But it's cute!

In related news, I am running off to California for the weekend. It'll be a fairly chilled weekend, but with some foodie stuff I'm excited about-running around the badass supermarket Berkeley Bowl, going to Bourbon & Branch, and a ton of brunching, I'm sure. I'll be back Tuesday, at which point I will schedule my surgery.

Anyhow, I just want to give some credit where credit is due. I've been eating Milk & Honey Granola for years. It's very yummy. I live near the cafe, so I usually pick up a bag every couple of weeks. Last month, I was eating some out of a cup at work one Friday, and I bit into something woody. Upon examination, it was a 1/2" long fibrous little twig, which I figured was a stem from the dried cherries in the Original Cafe Mix. I sent off an email to Milk & Honey, just as an FYI, and forgot about it until Monday, when I received a very apologetic call from one of the managers at Milk & Honey. We talked about it, and she assured me it hadn't happened before, but they would be taking steps with their cherry provider in Michigan to make sure it didn't happen again. She also asked if I'd like some free granola. Since I've had dozens of bags of the stuff, and found one cherry stem in one bag, I said yes.

Cut to Wednesday.

What a nice letter!


Speaking of a dozen bags of granola... that's what I got. Good lord, that's an ample stash of granola. Anyone want a bag?

So yeah, yay local businesses with awesome customer service. This stands in high contrast to a certain British clothing website whose wares have been shipped to me twice (allegedly) after I ordered them over a month ago, and who's been difficult to deal with. Yes, BODEN, I'm looking at you.