Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The motherfucking results!

I'm not at work now, so I can use the entire word.

There were many great entries, in many (or three) great languages. Except Spanish. Fuck you, Spanish.


It was pointed out by Cranky Uncle Greg last night that the winner is not actually a movie, but a miniseries. Well, I watched in all in one sitting, and I want to count it, so I'm counting it. Also, there's apparently a 1937 movie of the name, so nyah, it does count. Drumroll, please, the winner is:

I, Motherfucking Claudius.

See Claudius (Samuel L. Jackson) put the smack down on Nero that bad mother Agrippina! Also, the original includes the line "Is there any man in Rome who has NOT slept with my daughter?", so it pretty much fits already.

Congrats, Susan! Pick the 33 1/3 book of your choice.