Friday, July 28, 2006

Books! I am so behind! I will be very brief.

10 Word Book Reviews

33 1/3 books:
Love’s Forever Changes: Gnosticism and Love? The author’s high. Ignores the amazing music.

The Pixies’ Doolittle: Riding in cars with Frank Black. No Kim Deal input.

Bowie’s Low: Brian Eno!Drugs! Iggy Pop! Drugs! Berlin! Drugs! Transvestites! Drugs!

Other books:

Angela Carter, Wise Children: Twins and Shakespeare. Bawdy and fun. I always enjoy Carter.

Joe Meno, The Boy Detective Fails: I saw the play; I read the book. Each is worth doing.

Nelson Algren, Man With the Golden Arm: Old, dirty Chicago. Junkies and drunks suffer intensely, then die.

Nancy Mitford, Madame de Pompadour: French king’s mistress charms, helps start Seven Years War, dies.