Thursday, June 21, 2007

Again with the non-knitting!

I've finished a sweater--more on that later; it will be a little ranty. When I have pics, we'll talk.

Other than that, things that are bringing me great joy:
-Moving! Because we're insane, Kevin and I are moving! Across the backyard! With a new roommate (Phil, former roommate of Kevin's)! I am getting an incredibly tiny room, with an attendant incredibly tiny rent. While I avoided asking friends to help me move last year, I'm not going to hire professionals to carry boxes down a flight of stairs, across the lawn, and up a flight of stairs.

I may well be making my own loft bed, or at least finding people to help me do it. Yeah, I know it's insane, but I'm not willing to pay too much for a bed that I'll likely only use for a year.

Oh, and we're moving in on August 1st. Oh, holy crap. I gotta get moving.

-Pride Weekend! With attendant Pride Parade. I believe I will be staking out a parade spot for my group of friends, starting around 9 on Sunday. Much sunscreen will be used. Following that, Kevin is (and, to a lesser extent, I am) having an afterparty. Unlike the last Pride Party I threw, this one won't involve me dumping my boyfriend in the middle of the party. No word yet on whether this one will also involve bare-assed spanking going on in my bathroom (you can't predict these things), but unlike the last party, my boyfriend will not be involved. He's in Vegas, so I can say this with confidence.

My only food contribution: fancy lemonades and limeades. I'm not going to stress too much about it.

-Sewing! My mother FINALLY shipped me my sewing machine. Only 18 months late!

-Internet Radio, while it's still around. I especially like the program Pandora-FM, which allows me to listen to Pandora radio and have the songs post to my account. The only disadvantage: Pandora sometimes freaks out on me (why Hilary Duff on my Indie Pop radio station? Why?!), and if I'm away from my desk, the world will think I listen to Hilary Duff. Despite the fact that nobody looks at my userpage, the thought that anyone might think I listen to Hilary Duff is alarming.

-According to my Google calendar: So much volunteering! Maybe a weekend trip to Michigan? John Sellers (whose book I read awhile back) book reading/signing! Os Mutantes at the Metro! A wedding! Pitchfork and Lollapalooza! These are the reasons why I'll be hauling my belongings across the backyard in garbage bags.

*Did the spanking incident lead to the dumping of my then-boyfriend at the last Pride party, you probably aren't asking yourself? Answer: Not as much as you might think. It's a long story.