Tuesday, June 05, 2007

See, I'm posting again already!

...However, I should've posted about this on Saturday, as I got my Secret Pal package on Friday from lovely Froggy_dear. Let's see what I got, as pictured on my dreadful phone-camera:

From the top left, going clockwise: Mad Libs, a citrus-caramel-dark chocolate candy bar, MONKEY LIGHTS!, small pots with basil and tomato seeds, a small wooden box (great size for stitch markers) witha finger puppet, Ghirardelli squares in Dark and mint-filled chocolate, a lovely tomato plate, a very nice Art Nouveau style card, and two skeins of SWTC bamboo. The pic doesn't do the color justice--it's a lovely electric blue.

So thank you again, Ms. Froggy_dear! Now I have to figure out if I'll be participating in Secret Pal 9...