Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Greens

One of the advantages of being a pale redhead is that I can pull off some really noxious shades of green. I am, for example, currently wearing a bright, almost-neon green V-neck from J. Crew.

Here's another example:

Detail on Salina

It's the hem detail on Salina, from the Rowan Vintage Knits book. It's the cover pattern in the version of the book I have, and it's made in the same yarn, same color. I think it'll suit me, though.

Look what I'm using, despite the fact that I almost never use wooden needles with wool anymore:

Harmony Wooden Needles!

They're nice; they've only come loose once, and that was after they were jostling around in my bag for several days.

Speaking of my bag (yes, I'm going to be camera-crazy for awhile, since I just got my shiny new camera), Mr. Z got it for me while he was in Luxembourg, though the company is Swiss:

Freitag DJ bag and new headphones

It's a huge bag. You could seriously fit a toddler in there. Not that I recommend that. I can carry two books, my knitting, my pattern book, my iPod and the massive headphones shown in the picture (a gift from my mum), several lip balms and lotions that fall to the bottom, and my wallet and keys (when I remember them) and still have room for sundry other things.

So yeah... WIP Tuesday for you all.