Monday, December 03, 2007

A query to the knitters

Let's say you were going to go to some sort of marathon event, one that would involve your being awake for upwards of 36 hours, much of which would be spent in the dark.

Say, like this event, which is happening tomorrow.

Now, I have a few holiday presents to work on during the wait to get inside. They're all either cables or lace, so once it gets dark, I'll need to put them away. I learned the hard way last year at a 24-hour B-movie fest: lace and darkness are not bestest friends. I sat outside for most of Krull picking out my mistakes. (This turned out to be lucky, as that movie was soul-suckingly bad, but this is beside the point.)

And yes, I do want to knit for most of the night, if I can--keeping my hands active keeps me awake and alert.

Here are my options:
-Union Square Market Pullover (it's the cover pattern). I have finished the bottom hem of this, and it's a circular pattern. There are increases and decreases, but nothing too hideous.

Apart... from the fact that I'm knitting this in a sport-weight yarn instead of a fingering-weight yarn, so my gauge is off and I'm converting everything. I'd need to finish the calculations before I go legally insane during my extended wakefulness.

-Greek Pullover (same link as above, first pattern listed): Still has shaping, but I'm on gauge for this project.

-Sorrel: Again, a yarn I have swatched. I want to do slightly different things with the hems, though. Things involving lace, so I'd need to finish that before 7 pm tomorrow. Also, I'd be converting the pattern to circular until it splits for the arms.

-Another pair of Campfire Socks. I'm slightly afraid the heel gussets would kill me, though.

So... should I just develop severe startitis and start all of these until they prove difficult? Just the Union Square Market Pullover? Should I be reasonable and not knit all night?