Monday, December 31, 2007

A quick way to break your brain

From the three books I finished in the last 12 hours:

"That relevance is instantiated both in terms of Sonic Youth's trajectory as a band and in light of Daydream Nation's permanent impact on the development of contemporary independent, avant-garde, and noise rock."

"Gluten is a viscoelastic network of proteins that becomes elongated by pulling and then partially reverts to its initial form when the tension is relaxed."

"You don't know what an egotistical control freak your taste can be until you try to turn traitor, as witness the slapstick contortions I've had to resort to just to get myself to listen to CĂ©line Dion."

Altogether, I think these three books--about violent experimental rock music, the chemistry of cooking, and taste and its relation to pop culture--make a uniquely fitting prelude to an evening that will be spent watching Sweeney Todd and eating a luxe meal with friends.

So happy New Year, everyone, and see you on the other side.