Thursday, January 31, 2008

Remember how I used to knit?

And then post about it? I swear, I've still been doing the former, while neglecting the latter.

First, a 2007 FO for my cousin Annie:
Kusha Kusha scarf

Detail on Kusha Kusha
Kusha Kusha scarf from Habu. I bought a kit at Nina. Part of it is knit with cobweb-weight merino knit together with silk-wrapped steel; the rest with just the silk stainless steel. Need to mail this alleged-Christmas present off.

Also, I am very close to finishing 3 sweaters: the Green, the Blue, and the Red. How close?

Well, here's Green:
Blocking, blocking

Blocking as we speak.

Here's Blue:
Big pile of blue

To be done: blocking, sewing, and knitting about 8 feet of i-cord. Shudder. I can't block it right now, as it is from the same magazine as red, which has been 50% done since early December. No pic on that one, since it's at Mr. Z's right now. Will you accept a picture of my Venezia with fully 3 more rows done since the last pic in December? I hope so.

Very small progress

So that's the knitting. I'm being very slow on finishing my first book of the year (Alex Ross's The Rest Is Noise), in part because I've been studying a great deal. In other news, I have a job now, and am about to have a very nice new job. No clue how much time I'll have for knitting once I start, so I'm trying to crank some projects out.