Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cinematic Pretentiousness and Musical Awesomeness.

If we are to trust Mr. Z on these matters, the proper 18th month anniversary gift seems to be Criterion Colleciton DVDs. I am fine with this, especially since I now own the following, thanks to his largesse:

The 400 Blows
Band of Outsiders
Jules and Jim
Masculin Feminin
Sullivan's Travels

Now that I own the last of these, I have three Criterion Collection editions Preston Sturges movies (the others are The Lady Eve and Unfaithfully Yours; I should also pick up The Palm Beach Story at some point)--movie night, anyone? It'd be more lighthearted than a screening of the 8-hour version of Ingmar Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage.
I went to the Metro to see Os Mutantes last night. The last time I saw them (nearly a year ago at Pitchfork), the crowd starting getting unruly due to the lack of an encore, so it was great to see a full show. The only bummer was that, for most of the show, I had to watch it through the gyrations of four hipsters on a double-date. I kept checking my (non-existent) watch to see if we'd turned back the clock to the late 90s, because these people acted like they were on E. Just trust me, it involved a lot of frottage and dancing of questionable merit.

Speaking of Pitchfork Fest... this year's iteration is happening again this weekend. Not a ton of my friends are going, and I'll spend more of this year chilling in the shade (thanks, 826 Chicago booth!), and I may actually arrive after the first band starts on Sunday (not something I've done before)... but it's still a great lineup. I'll be the one with at least four different kinds of sunscreen and red hair styled like Chan Marshall's.

Speaking of Chan Marshall... doesn't Sporty Spice look alarmingly like her these days? Am I alone on this?