Monday, July 02, 2007

A very retro weekend.

This weekend, I watched four episodes of Melrose Place, and listened to Slint's Spiderland, De La Soul's 3 Feet High & Rising, and a mess of Feelies albums. I was listening to Slint and De La Soul in part to prepare for Pitchfork in a couple of weeks; I listened to the Feelies because I finally downloaded their albums and am hating myself for not doing it sooner, because they are awesomeness squared.

Also awesomeness-squared: Melrose Place. As the astute folk at TWOP have stated, you have to love a show where a woman runs down her fiancé, then frames the guy's second wife by making it look like the second wife framed his first wife.

(And the first and second wives are SISTERS. And the second wife blackmailed him into marrying her because they both thought he killed his fiancée! Who then came back and made him kick out the second wife, who was, by the way, a hooker! And a madame! And then, after a fall from grace, a stripper! Until her estranged husband saw her on stage!)

I should get the DVDs.

In other news, I'm almost done with Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Unfortunately, it is too large a book for me to fit in my bag without causing shoulder strain, so I can't read it on my way to work. Also, I worked on Bonita and Basalt this weekend, and am over halfway done with the former. Pics to come on Wednesday, I think.