Monday, January 15, 2007

2007.3: Consider the Lobster, David Foster Wallace

Well, I really like DFW's essay work, so I really liked this. I was amazed that the essay about lobsters, which featured many paroxysms of conscience about eating animals, actually ran in Gourmet. Also, the John McCain story, while entertaining, is still incredibly long and hard to get through, even the second time around. Randomly enough, a company briefly mentioned in his article on talk radio (Arbitron, a Nielsen-style radio ratings system) just called the office this morning, thinking this was a private line.

Are you bored with reading what I'm reading? Would reading the same kind of list, only by a famous dude with a killer Jewfro, be more fun for you? If so: What Art Garfunkel has been reading, 1968-present (found on Bookslut).