Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First off: Almost done with the 33 1/3 book on Loveless. Halfway through City of Glass by Paul Auster. Waiting for Jan to finish the nifty-looking NYRB Press book about the Thirty Years' War.

But back to knitting.

It is rather difficult to do yarnovers and decreases in the blind dark, while sleep deprived, but I managed to do it. I have a full hexagon done on the Basalt tank, all of which was completed at B-Fest. I also have several more inches on the monotonous but cute angora sweater, although I coat myself in fuzz every time I knit on that. I have two socks above the heel flap; they aren't from the same pair, but hey, two socks, right?

Right now, though, my main focus is de-Flashdancing the Hourglass Sweater. Taken in 5.5" from each sleeve: Check. Crochet cast-off sleeves: Check. Pulled hem line from bottom hem: Check. Now, I have to cast off the bottom in a regular fashion, then pull out the top hem, knit it up higher, and crochet cast-off up top, too. Nice and tight, that crochet cast-off.