Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reasons Consider the Lobster was not the first book I read in 2007:

  1. Holy (insert expletive of choice here) . The John McCain article is this long? I already read an abridged version of this monster in Rolling Stone seven years ago, and it was super-long then.
  2. I left it at my apartment and instead read other things before I went back there.
  3. The airline tickets I’m redeeming for AAdvantage miles are my bookmark, and I can’t redeem them online until next week.

Anyhow, moving on:

2007.1: The Female Thing by Laura Kipnis. It was fun, it was bitchy, it was smart. I like her work and don’t quite understand the people who complain that she offers no answers. She does offer an answer, it’s just that her answer seems to be the adoption of a Marxist-Socialist regime.

2007.2: 69 Love Songs: A Field Guide (33 1/3) by LD Beghtol. It’s written by one of the vocalists on the album. It includes a crossword puzzle and features two references to Nancy Mitford. I don’t understand how Susan hasn’t read this yet.