Friday, January 26, 2007

Sweater/Knitting Update.

Not much progress on the sweaters this week. Well, I’m still working on the interminable yoke for the Men’s Sweater, and have allegedly hemmed the top of the Hourglass. Problems with further progress on these two:

  • Both of them are so large now that they are burdensome to carry around and knit in public.
  • It is hard to knit a sweater for a person you don’t want to see the sweater when you’re always around the person.
  • Stupid, stupid me! I must always remember to Google “(pattern name) problems” before I start into knitting it. I should’ve especially known better about the Hourglass from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, since I knew there was a problem with the Men’s Raglan Zip-Up pattern as written. But noooo, so I got all the way to hemming the top and learned of the “Flashdance Problem”. That is, the neckline is difficult to keep on both shoulders. Sure, the 80s are back, but I’d like my wool/mohair sweaters to keep me covered. Cranky Uncle Greg actually laughed at me when I tried this sweater on over my shirt at Pub Trivia. This is becaus CUG is a DICK.

And so... I’m ripping it out, back to the turning row for the hem at least, and will knit in a ribbed neckline of some sort. I now have to decide whether I should match the ribbing on the lower hem and cuffs, too. I’m glad I did a provisional cast-on with both of those, so this choice won’t involve ripping out my cast-on.

Also, I discovered socks this week. Bad.

I’m going to a 24-hour B movie marathon from tonight to tomorrow night. I have a bag full of knitting projects to work on, with a range of difficulties so I can move to a 2x2 rib scarf by the time I can no longer function fully. This bag includes the Tiffany angora sweater and the Basalt tank, so I’ll get some sweater work done.